yes i'm still breathing.
wow its been a long time since i even bothered to log into LJ much less actually bother to type anything.
originally i intended to blog on a regular basis but then i finally broke down and created my youtube account. back when i used to blog regularly on LJ (several accounts ago) i was going through severe social anxiety and MASSIVE self esteem issues. i will be making an effort to posts here from time to time but if you want to find out what i have to say go onto youtube and check out "It's my YouTube and I'll blog if I want to"

where the hell has the time gone?
Wow. I didn't realize that its been 8 months since my last post. Fatherhood and trying to start a costume and prop replica businesses takes up more of your free time than you realize. My son keeps reminding me of the progress i have made in my own life. 5 months ago he had to be fed through a tube because of being a month premature. Wasn't really that bad an issue, just didn't have the endurance to eat because of not having the "brown fat" reserves normal term babies have. Now he is already on actual baby food and even juice as well as formula and even starting ti sit on his own. Even two years ago i was nowhere near the level of responsible i have become. Life sneaks up on you sometimes but when you look back and see what you have gone through to get where you are, it gives you a real sense of satisfaction. Im looking forward to DragonCon so i can show off my new armor.

life sometimes creeps up on you
well, i know i said i would be posting here regularly and eventually i will be. with three months to impending fatherhood i am reeling from the realization that i havent prepared nearly as much as i had planned for at this point. i dont even have a crib yet. its not like the end of the world though as we can get a crib at goodwill pretty cheap and all. im just realizing that i havent been looking at fatherhood, and life in general as seriously as i should have. im not taking a completely disconnected view of things, just not prioritizing enough. im also looking at getting a new home soon so any preperations i make now would have to be redone at that point anyway so perhaps its for the best.

i promise i will eventually start posting stuff here
ok, i started this blog with every intention of posting to it regularly, but as with pretty much every other amateur blogger i got distracted by other things, (mostly Diablo 2) and havent been doing so. between getting married on November23 and my youtube i have been pretty much goofing off and watching a lot of random cat videos on youtube instead of looking for the casting resin i need to finish off my iron man suit or trying to learn program code to start studying the Arduino. if you are really curious about my life and what i have to say anout everything and nothing my youtube is "jimmy has something to say"

got my costume started!!!!!
Finally got my costume for DragonCon 2013 started. im building an Iron Man suit out of posterboard using pepakura patterns i found. so fari have the left gauntlet assembled and im going to be pulling a few all nighters to get it done and ready before Con. this year im just going to get it into acceptable shape which will still be pretty decent. as part of my self imposed rehabilitation plan for my aspergers syndrome, i have undertaken t5his project as a way to get me to use my abilities as well as to plan, as well as excecute and follow through with a project. also the short deadline of three weeks will force me to actually focus and not get distracted. this particular suit will be an Ironman/Green lantern crossover. im also going to repaint my optimus prime helmet to match the suit.

absolute ardi virgin needs joystick interface help
well my latest project is using a sidewinder precision pro joystick i picked up at goodwill for about 4 bucks to play nes emulator gamesand what i want to do is experiment with the arduino board and build a full sized Dalek i will sit inside and use the joystick to control

my new blog
hello, this is probably the third LJ i have had over the years. this one i will probably keep going. my others were probably destroyed in one system purge or another since i kept getting locked up or having little to no computer access for gapingly huge chunks of time. mostly i just created this because i heard there was a LJ group you could use to find roomshares at DragonCon. eventually i will find a purpose for this, perhaps it will be my sci fi or fantasy lookup. maybe a self help diatribe or a do it yourself thing. who knows? i am just starting to realize that life is something you create and interact with instead of just someting you do to pass the time between events you have no control over.


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